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Blu-ray / DVD reviews: Creepy (2016), Beyond the Gates (2016), Ibiza Undead (2016), The Void (2016), Realm of the Damned – Tenebris Deos (2106)

[Published in The Dark Side #183, April]

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Down the Tube

[On-set photographs courtesy of Chrissie Harper]

Rose of Eibon’s YouTube channel has been extensively updated recently, and now includes all five of my appearances on Big Centre TV’s The Big Picture: my debut on 22 July, in conversation with presenter Carl Jones; my and Chrissie Harper’s reports for the show, filmed at Birmingham’s Mockingbird Theatre (27 September), Blue Orange Theatre (18 October), Flatpack Film Festival (11 October) and, down at London’s Bleeding Heart Tavern, an extract from my lengthy chat with FrightFest organiser Alan Jones (31 October).

In the Picture [6]

My latest news report for Big Centre TV makes its debut during tomorrow morning’s edition of Good Morning, with repeats during the day. It’s an extract from a longer interview with FrightFest’s Alan Jones, due for a print appearance in The Dark Side. As usual, it’s Chrissie Harper behind the camera.

The channel’s in flux right now, as it becomes part of the Made TV network, but I was very pleased to take a ‘phone call on Friday from one of the programme hosts, expressing his wish that we become a permanent part of the line-up.

Centre stage again… [3]

I had the immense pleasure yesterday of interviewing German actress Dagmar Lassander (The Frightened Woman, Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion, The Black Cat) on stage at the 27th Festival of Fantastic Films, as well as presenting her with the Society of Fantastic Films International Award, a rather lovely statuette modelled upon the robot Maria from Fritz Lang’s Metropolis.

Our conversation is earmarked for publication in a future edition of The Dark Side, with the footage appearing later on Ghostwords TV (alongside other interviews filmed that afternoon by my colleague Chrissie Harper).

In the meantime, Big Centre TV will be airing an extract of my recent chat with FrightFest’s Alan Jones tomorrow as part of its breakfast show Good Morning, with repeats during the day’s news programming.

In the Picture [5]

Midlands cable channel Big Centre TV is in the midst of dovetailing into the Made TV network right now — the formal switch-over happens on Tuesday — so it’s awfully gratifying they found time to plug my appearance on its breakfast show Good Morning this coming Monday, with repeats throughout the day. I’m featured interviewing FrightFest’s Alan Jones, in an extract from a much longer interview destined both for print (The Dark Side) and video (Ghostwords TV).

In the Picture [4]

The first three news reports Chrissie and I produced for Big Centre TV’s The Big Picture are now available to view at our YouTube channel: (1) Mockingbird Theatre, (2) Flatpack Film Festival, (3) Blue Orange Theatre. The fourth, an interview with FrightFest’s Alan Jones, will be uploaded shortly after it’s aired on Halloween.

Where there’s the Smoke, there’s fear

My Ghostwords TV colleague Chrissie Harper and I travelled down to central London on Wednesday, to interview FrightFest‘s Alan Jones. A three-minute extract is scheduled to play during Big Centre TV‘s Halloween programming, with the full edit earmarked for our YouTube channel soon as a text version has appeared in The Dark Side.