Heavy On the Cheese


A rather leftfield thought struck me about the choice of actress Brie Larson to play Captain Marvel in the latest MCU cgi-fest, a move which has not escaped controversy. Might the casting team have confused her character with the original Captain Marvel, now billed (for convoluted legal reasons) as Shazam and long nicknamed “the big red cheese” by comics fans. After all, if you’re looking for a dairy product, why not a Brie? In any case, all these corporations really care about is the cheddar.

Hey, I didn’t claim it was a good theory…

Comics Clearance

Sandman #1f.jpg

Just a quick note to mention I’m currently shedding quite a few comics from my collection (plus another I inherited). They’re going up in batches at my eBay account.

The latest item to get snapped up was a copy of Sandman #1, which I’ve since learned the new owner plans to get CGC-graded and slabbed before framing and displaying. He also only plans to make one such purchase each year, which isn’t quite how I’d define a comics fan, unless all he was interested in was the Dave McKean cover.

By Its Cover


This has got to be one of the daftest gimmicks currently being used to separate comic fans from their money: ‘variant’ editions which are identical to the standard print run, except that the cover is left blank for commissioned artwork. It wouldn’t be so bad if these were available at the same price, or maybe slightly higher if there are any genuine additional costs involved (economies of scale and the like), but a 138% mark-up? I might ask how stupid these publishers think fans are, but I already know the answer and there’s not a lot of evidence to prove them wrong.