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Blu-ray reviews: Blood Diner (1987), Waxwork (1988), Vampira (1974)

[From The Dark Side #186, August 2017.]

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DVD review: The Doctors – The Pat Troughton Years (2017)

[From Infinity #3, August 2017.]

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Another Nice Mess [2]

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There’s a nice article in the autumn edition of Wetherspoon News, in-house magazine of the JD Wetherspoon pub chain, covering my chat with Laurel & Hardy historian John Ullah about local comic Charlie Hall. It was a follow-up to an earlier interview which aired on Made in Birmingham TV and was originally intended to go out on the same show, but our slot was unexpectedly cancelled as part of a programme shake-up at the channel, which has apparently sub-let eight hours of its daily schedule to the Sony-owned TruTV and has consigned much of its locally-produced content to the early hours to stream its new tenant’s American programming. Quite how all this conforms with Made in Birmingham TV’s franchise commitments is up to Ofcom to decide.

[Scan by John Ullah]